Minutes shows one single story at a time - making everyone focus on the same thing at the same time. Stories are uploaded by users, selected at random and featured for a few minutes. This gives everyone an equal platform and democratises promotion. After a story is over, it's gone, making way for the next story. And the next. And the next.
Is that next story going to be yours? Everyone gets the same chance.
Sometime in the future there's gonna be a band that gets their break on Minutes. A band that no one has ever heard of gets their time in the spotlight. And you're gonna see it, as it happens. You're gonna be one of those who can say "I was there, I saw their Minutes. I liked the hell out of them, from the first Minute"!
Or is that band gonna be your band?
When you have the whole world's attention, what will you say? Will you show off your music? Your artwork? The first chapter of the book you're writing? That cute picture you took of your friend? Maybe a selfie? A squid with a mean stare? With Minutes, you have the whole world's undivided attention. You have the spotlight for a while. So what will you put on Minutes?
Whatever the story is, make it worth your time! And everyone else's!

What's your story?

Download the app and get your Minutes!

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